Patek Philippe White Gold - Ladies Twenty 4  (4908/101G-001) Patek Philippe White Gold - Ladies Twenty~4® (4908/101G-001)

Patek Philippe White Gold - Ladies Twenty 4 (4908/101G-001)

Patek Philippe White Gold - Ladies Twenty~4® (4908/101G-001)

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Another work of art from Patek Philippe.

Model watch Patek Philippe White Gold - Ladies Twenty ~ 4®, studded with diamonds, squared. The quantity and size of diamonds is truly royal.

The case is inlaid with 24 diamonds (~ 2.65 carats) and 72 diamonds (~ 0.13 carats).

The bracelet includes (just think) 367 diamonds (~ 30.75 carats) and an additional 222 diamonds (~ 0.97 carats). The crown consists of a single diamond of ~ 0.05 ct size.

The dial is adorned with 39 diamonds, 1.75 ct.

In front of all this magnificence, the case and strap made of 18K white gold look commonplace.

The movement is quartz, Caliber E 15. Case white gold, 18k. Functions hours, minutes.

At Patek Philippe, any gemstone selected for use in the finish of a Patek Philippe watch case or bracelet, whether diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, is the best of its kind and meets the strict quality criteria of Patek Philippe. Patek Philippe uses only the top colors from D to G. The cleanliness of the stones always has the desired internal impeccable mark (known as IF) and demonstrates impeccable faceting. Cutting accuracy is also important to ensure regular and uniform adjustment. The master’s task is to place the stones perfectly, thereby showing the exceptional advantage of the product. Patek Philippe gemstones are manually set and never stick together. The master puts each stone in its mount in the frame by carefully folding it into the metal collar (usually gold) that surrounds it, or in an invisible recess where the gem has a bottom side.

Gemstones should be located at the same level, pointing in one direction and at the same time all at the same height, this ensures high reliability of retention. Respect for the shape and character of the stone is undeniably important, this emphasizes its beauty and allows you to achieve the brightest radiance and brilliance.

For more than 180 years, Patek Philippe has continuously developed and increased high standards of quality Swiss watchmaking. As the founders of the watch house Antoine Norbert de Patec and Adrian Philippe bequeathed, the complete freedom of creativity gives the opportunity to design and develop watches that experts unanimously consider the best in the world. In addition to unique craftsmanship skills, innovation and technological excellence, along with a large share of the manual labor of watchmakers, are crucial at Patek Philippe.